Thuja Golden Smaragd


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'Golden Smaragd' is a wonderful variety of Thuja, evergreen conifers that grow with a naturally narrow, conical habit.
Slow-growing, with sprays of bright yellow-green aromatic foliage, 'Golden Smaragd' is a handsome and colourful decorative tree, ideal as a specimen and perfect for bringing year-round height and structure to your beds and borders, and well suited to container growing too.
Thuja and incredibly easy to grow, needs hardy any maintenance and its naturally slow growth means that it doesn't need regular trimming to keep it in shape, particularly useful if you're growing it as a hedge where it'll provide excellent screening but with little effort. It's also amazingly hardy, right down to -45°C, so there is no chance that it'll be damaged in even the harshest British winter, although protection from cold, drying winter winds when young will help it to establish.
A versatile tree for any part of the garden, Thuja isn't fussy about soil and will thrive whether it's acid, alkaline or neutral, as long as it's well drained.
Supplied as an established plant in a 9cm pot, ready for planting, growing up to 5m (16½ft) tall and 1.7m (5½ft) wide after 20 years.


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