The Complete Summer Flowering Bulb Collection


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Transform your garden this summer with this simply brilliant collection of summer-flowering bulbs.
You will be amazed by the dazzling array of colours and variety of shapes for 5 whole months of summer! From tall spires of Gladioli, to pretty, star-shaped Brodiaea, in multi-coloured vivid shades they are all sure-fire winners! They are perfect for patio containers and flower borders.
Best of all, they will naturalise easily and provide your garden with bigger and better displays each year for many years to come! All of these bulbs will flower from this summer and produce a minimum of 300 stems of vivid colour this season!
In this collection:
25 x Gladioli Mixed Colours: Tall spires of multi-coloured flowers, perfect to cut for your home or brighten your garden. Extremely easy and low maintenance, and yet very rewarding.
50 x Acidanthera: Beautiful white flowers with purple details and gorgeous grassy foliage. Perfect as cut flowers in the autumn.
75 x Brodiaea Mixed Colours: Clusters of attractive bell-shaped blooms which make ideal bedding plants equally well suited to patio tubs and pots.
25 x Freesia Mixed Colours: One of the most attractive and sweetly fragrant summer flowering bulbs. Perfect for patio pots, beds, and borders, and will look brilliant in a vase in your home
75 x Allium Yellow Moly: The ever-popular allium, gorgeous bright yellow blooms and green slender stems.
20 x Allium White Neapolitanum: Also known as white garlic, they produce delicate blooms that contrast effortlessly with the glossy green foliage.
30 x Liatris spicata: Spires of bright lavender flowers that stand tall above gorgeous green foliage.
Supplied as a pack of 300 mixed bulbs, ready to plant out.


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