Tamarix tetrandra


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Tamarix tetrandra, more commonly known as the Tamarisk or Salt Cedar, is a deciduous shrub or small tree grown for its incredible spring flowers.
Gracefully arching dark, almost black branches with needle-like foliage explode into masses of feathery plumes of tiny blossom in shades of pink during March and May. These amazing flowers will completely cover the plant creating an enchanting effect in the spring garden.
Fully deserving of its coveted RHS Award of Garden Merit, you can be sure that this is a proven garden performer, guaranteed to be suitable for UK gardeners at every level of experience. You can therefore plant this in the garden with confidence, for a beautiful display for years to come.
Thriving in full sun or dappled shade, Tamarisk needs nothing more that occasional pruning to removed dead or crossing branches and to keep it in shape. It is completely hardy to -15°C, so it will withstand the worst of winter weather.
Supplied as an established plant in a 2 L pot, ready to plant, growing to a height and spread of 3 m (10 ft).


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