Syringa Flowerfesta Pink


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A beautiful dwarf lilac with an incredibly long flowering period, easily out-flowering most other lilacs that only bloom for a short time in spring.
'Flowerfesta® Pink' starts to flower with a first flush in spring and into summer, then continuing intermittently well into autumn, when it finishes blooming with one final flourish, and the clusters of tiny pale pink, nectar rich, fragrant flowers will attract bees and other pollinators into your garden.
Being a dwarf variety reaching only 1.25m (4ft) and with a compact nature, it'll look great in patio pots where its scent will drift and delight.
Easy to care for and slow growing, with little pruning required, just deadhead regularly to keep it tidy and to encourage more flowers.
Supplied in a 9cm pot, ready to plant out.


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