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True to its name, this giant among sunflowers is one of the tallest you can grow, with huge, long-lasting daisy-shaped blooms measuring up to 60cm (24in) across and reaching a height of up to 360cm (144in). Having the best record-breaking potential, this heirloom variety is the obvious choice for nurturing children's interest in gardening as well as for indulging your competitive streak – even if just to impress the neighbours as the enormous flowers stand tall well above fence height!
Originating in North and South America, sunflowers were worshipped by the ancient Incas as a symbol of their sun god. They reached Europe by the sixteenth century, since when they have been grown in abundance by generations of gardeners and commercial growers for their impressive proportions as well as their highly nutritious seeds and oil. Capable of bringing a touch of sunshine to your garden even when days are dull, they are brimming with optimism and the joys of summer.
With enormous dark hearts fringed by glorious bright yellow petals, the flowers soak up the sun and redistribute its goodness in the form of large seeds, which you can roast and eat as a snack, scatter over salads or use in your baking – but don't forget to save some for the birds! When the flowers have reached their peak, hang them up to dry naturally and they will provide a welcome autumn and winter buffet for our feathered friends.
However tall they grow, the sturdy, slightly prickly upright stems shouldn't need staking, even in exposed positions, although for peace of mind you may want to provide some support, particularly if you are growing for a competition. The immature flowerheads will follow the sun through the day but once the petals have opened, the flowers will remain facing one direction
Supplied as a packet of 25 (approx.) seeds ready to sow indoors or outdoors. For best results, sow the seeds outdoors, directly into their flowering position, to allow the roots to establish firmly with uninterrupted growth. Choose a sunny, sheltered spot with well-draining soil. If necessary, add plenty of well-rotted manure or compost to the ground before planting. Sow from March to May either indoors for planting out in June to July, or outdoors directly into their growing position. These hardy annuals will flower from June to September, in the same year as sowing.


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