Strawberry Calypso Pack


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'Calypso' is an everbearing strawberry variety which makes it ideal for spreading out fruit production. Cropping from July right up until the first frosts, the main picking period is August and September. So rather than the single early summer crop produced by most traditional strawberries 'Calypso' supplies you with mouth watering fruit month after month.
Large and attractive, the luscious red fruits are bright and shiny with an excellent flavour and lovely texture. Delicious eaten fresh and perfect for making jam.
'Calypso' is ideal for growing in the ground, and great in hanging baskets or containers too – a 12in pot is large enough for around three runners.
The plants are supplied as bare root runners which are delivered in a dormant state having been held in cold storage. They are fully hardy and ready to be planted out straight away as long as there is no risk of frost.
Supplied as a pack of 10 bare root runners.


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