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Stocks are very well loved garden flowers and a cottage garden favourite. 'Vintage Mixed' is a fabulous hardy annual that will produce gloriously fragrant flowers as early as May and until late summer.
They are naturally sturdy, bushy and free flowering, with long, greyish-green leaves and multiple flowers stems densely packed with blooms, over half of which will be double, in a range of shades from white and pale yellow, through pink and mauve and deep purple. They carry an intense, clove-like, sweet fragrance that will smell wonderful as it drifts through your garden, and of course, these are superb cut flowers, and the scent will easily fill a room.
The flowers are edible and have a delicately perfumed flavour. Picked fresh, they make a great salad garnish, or they can be used as a topping for ice cream. They can also be candied, allowing them to be stored and used in cakes.
Grow them in full sun, in borders and or pots, where the nectar-rich flowers will attract bees and butterflies and you can enjoy the fabulous fragrance.
Supplied as 20 garden ready plants, ready to plant in your garden and growing to a height and spread of 40 cm (16 in).


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