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A cottage garden favourite with an extra dimension, 'Starlight Scentsation' is an exquisite night-scented stock. What a glorious flower to enhance those balmy summer evenings spent outdoors while their perfume becomes more intense as the dusk descends. Gloriously pretty, with petals in shades of white and palest yellow to the softest lilac pink, mauve and purple, they will dance in the half-light on slender stalks amid delicate grey-green leaves. Indeed, their heady scent and translucent, pollen-rich blooms seem to come alive at night, attracting a whole host of night-feeding bees, hoverflies, butterflies and moths to your garden.
This half-hardy annual germinates rapidly and with staggered sowings will perform all summer long, well into early autumn. Its dwarf, bushy habit makes it an ideal choice for the fronts of beds and borders – and perfect for patio containers, where a profusion of these gorgeous flowers can be enjoyed best close at hand. They make a fabulous cut flower too, so you can bring those pretty pastel colours and glorious fragrance indoors.
The flowers are edible, with a delicately perfumed flavour. Pick them fresh as a garnish and for scattering over salads, or as a pretty decoration for desserts and cakes. They can even be candied to keep in your store cupboard ready for those sweet dishes.
Easy to grow, these night-scented stocks will thrive in a sunny position in well-drained soil or compost, growing to a height of 30cm (12in) and spread of 20cm (8in). Sow outdoors from May to June, directly where they are to flower. The blooms will appear continuously from June to October, in the same year as sowing.
Supplied as a packet of 700 (approx.) seeds ready to sow outdoors directly into their flowering position.


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