Snowberry Symphoricarpus doorenbosii Magical Candy


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Commonly known as the snowberry, Symphoricarpus produces masses of round berries in the autumn, which cover the plants like little beads. 'Magical Candy' goes one step further than the more usual white variety and will delight with its jewel-like pink candy fruits.
A member of the honeysuckle family, this deciduous shrub produces succulent berries that often stay on the bush after the leaves have fallen, giving a definite festive feel to the plants as they enter their winter dormancy.
If you're looking for an attractive plant to liven up your borders, then this is the ideal plant for you! Blooming in summer, the snowberry produces sprays of dainty pink blooms that are a favourite for early pollinators.
Easy to grow, Symphoricarpus will thrive in a sunny spot, and is also tolerant of light shade. It spreads by suckering, quickly forming a dense thicket that provides a haven for wildlife such as nesting birds and insects, making invaluable for a low hedge.
Supplied as an established plant in a 3L pot, ready for immediate planting.


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