Shades of Pink and Purple Seed Collection


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This amazing collection of stunning flowers will fill your garden with blooms all summer long and well into autumn.We've chosen shades of pink, purple and blue that perfectly compliment each other and their different heights mean that there's something for every part of the garden. Mixed together they create a magical cottage garden feel, and they're great for cutting too.
Cornflower 'Blue Ball' a gardeners' favourite loved by butterflies and bees, this showy annual is a slender, dainty plant with sky-blue flowers. Perfect for punctuating wild gardens or meadows with colour. Grows to 75cm. 180 Seeds.
Sweet Pea 'Galaxy' early flowering in luscious colours from reds to pinks to blues from late spring through to autumn, they'll produce a fabulous succession of beautifully fragrant stems that just keep on coming the more they're cut, so your vases can be as full as your garden with these prolific, long lasting star performers. Growing to 180cm. 35 Seeds.
Cosmos 'Candy Stripe' exceptionally free flowering, giving a succession of white blooms with an edging of the deepest pink. With its delicate feathery foliage 'Candy Stripe' makes a lovely cut flower too. Its pollen rich, yellow centres are a magnet for bees on warm sunny days. Grows to 120cm. 100 Seeds.
Lobelia 'Cambridge Blue' the perfect filler plant for pots, planters and tubs, or even large scale border plantings. Very easy to grow, its hundreds of sky-blue flowers will wind their way through the gaps in plants, filling them in with ease. A great little essential plant for all planting schemes, Grows to 15cm. 1500 Seeds.


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