Seed Potato Pink Fir Apple (Salad)


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'Pink Fir Apple' is an unusual variety. This easy-to-grow second early potato is extremely productive, with huge harvests of up to 35-40 or more evenly sized tubers from each plant.
These lovely potatoes have an unusual elongated shape with pink skins and tender creamy yellow flesh and a nutty flavour. Their waxy texture remains firm during cooking, making them a perfect choice for potato salad, but also great for boiling and chipping. There is absolutely no need to peel them unless you are using them for mash.
A worthy recipient of the RHS Award of Garden Merit, 'Pink Fir Apple' has good resistance to disease and its compact habit means it will tolerate fairly exposed positions. Once the seed potatoes have produced shoots or chits, they will be ready to plant directly into a prepared bed or large bags or containers from mid-March, preferably after the frosts have gone. Young potatoes can be harvested from 13-17 weeks after planting.
Supplied as a 2.5kg bag of seed potatoes (approx. 30-35 tubers) ready to prepare indoors for planting out in the spring.


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