Sedum Carpet Collection


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There are few plants easier to grow than Sedums – even the most novice gardener can get results. This gorgeous collection of low-growing, reliable succulents make an ideal choice for rockery planting, containers and borders., forming a carpet of colour.
This mix of 6 perennial sedums has lovely evergreen foliage in a mixture of colours and as ground-cover plants they will grow almost anywhere – even between cracks in the pavement – and are tolerant of dry conditions.
Through much of the year, the stems are short, semi-prostrate and densely clad in leaves. Then in the summer, the stems lengthen and grow more vertical, before producing a haze of pretty sprays of star-shaped flowers.During the winter or in times of drought, when other plants are fading, these plants will colour up even more, with their leaves turning bronze-red.
Quickly covering bare patches in a border, stonecrops will spread to around 25-30cm and further, as each leaflet has the potential to make a new plant.
Supplied as a collection of 12 established plug plants* in 6 labelled varieties for potting up. 2 of each variety.
*Please note that varieties may change depending on sesonal availability.


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