Scindapsis pictus Trebie Mosspole


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Such an unusual and attractive plant, Scindapsus 'Trebie' is spreading or climbing vine from the forests of Southeast Asia and the western Pacific. It is an epiphyte in its natural habitat, meaning that is lives on another plant, clinging to it for support in the same way as bromeliads, air plants and some orchids do.
The rich, deep green leaves are splashed with silver, making 'Trebie' a striking feature plant in any room of your home, whether growing up its mosspole or allowed to grow along a shelf, and it will look great trailing out of a hanging basket too.
Scindapsus is a very easy plant to grow and care for. It just needs plenty of indirect light and regular feeding and watering, but only when it's dry. Low light can result in a loss of leaf variegation, but these are very forgiving plants and will adapt to most growing conditions.
These tropical plants are great for the home, filtering the air and removing all manner of toxins and producing fresh oxygen during the night. Growing houseplants is great for all-round wellbeing too.
Supplied as a potted plant in a 14cm nursery pot with a mosspole, growing to a height of 1.7m (5½ft) and width of 50cm (20in).


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