Salvia Lips Collection


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A collection of three unusual and very pretty salvias, the 'Lips' series look incredible in a patio pot or in a sunny border! Their bright, two-tone flowers will light up your garden from early summer to the first frosts in October, in a wonderful 5-month display. As a bonus, the leaves are lightly scented too which only adds to the appeal of this charming plant.
Producing an abundance of eye-catching, bicoloured (or sometimes solid) flowers in shades of red through to purple throughout the summer, this salvia is winter hardy and will die back underground in the autumn only to burst into life again with fresh new growth each spring. In cooler summers, you will get whiter flowers, and in hot ones you will get lots of purple and red.
This Salvia is really easy to care for and flowers prolifically with minimal care perfect for beginners! Supplied as 3 x established plants, 1 of each colour, in 9cm pots, ready to plant straight out.


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