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'Incredible' is an amazing collection of shrub roses that have been specially bred to have edible flowers. Each one has its own flavour and scent, and the petals can be used in deserts and salads. Organically grown in the Netherlands by breeder Willianne Sluiter, they are a wonderful addition to your garden.
With its beautiful peachy-orange, fully double flowers, 'Incredible Juicy' is a fabulous looking rose with the scent of tropical fruit. The petals have a silky texture and a wonderfully sweet honey and apricot flavour. Try adding them to an ice cream dessert, and they're lovely with chocolate too, making a superb decoration for cakes.
These gorgeous roses have lush, deep green, glossy foliage and flower from June to September. Grow them in your borders or kitchen garden, and they're more than happy growing in a large pot on the patio, so you can pick the flowers fresh for a tasty al fresco garnish.
Supplied as an established rose in a 10.5cm pot, ready for planting, growing to a height of 80cm (2½ft) and spread of 40cm (16in).


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