Rose Imperatrice Farah


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An unusual and striking garden rose that will fill your garden with a sweet perfume as well as an abundance of beautifully coloured blooms that are perfect for cutting.
When in flower, the large, creamy blooms of this spectacular, bicoloured rose are edged in carmine with a silvery hue to the reverse. One of the 'Couture' group of roses, 'Imperatrice Farah' is named after the Empress of Iran.
'Imperatrice Farah' is a hybrid tea rose which produces single stems of colourful blooms, they're ideal for cutting and grow into a straight, upright plant making them perfect for narrow borders or rose beds. Happiest in full sun, this versatile rose will also thrive in light shade, filling the garden with its light fragrance. Despite its robust shape, it can still be grown in a large pot and pruned to a more manageable size, so you don't even need a garden to appreciate this beauty.
An award-winning plant, it's one of the easier roses to grow so perfect for novice or time strapped gardeners. Supplied as a single 3L potted bush, ready for immediate planting, reaches up to 1.5m when mature.


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