Rhododendron Cosmopolitan (Pink)


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A stunning Rhododendron grown in standard form, the beautiful, red throated pink flowers of 'Cosmopolitan' appear in large, extravagant clusters in May and June.
Beautifully glossy, dark green leaves form a dense, compact evergreen shrub. The perfect backdrop for showing off the fabulous flowers.
A great choice for an exotic planting scheme on acid soils, or for adding colour and structure to mixed borders, 'Cosmopolitan' is great as a specimen in a large pot where you can get up close to it. The soil should be on the acidic side and rich in humus and always moist which will allow established plants to withstand direct mid-day and afternoon sun. Use ericaceous compost if growing in a pot, or add it to the planting hole in the border.Rhododendrons are low-maintenance shrubs that prefer bright to dappled shade or partial shade, avoiding morning sunlight which can damage buds. Keep well watered.
Supplied as an established standard plant in a 19cm pot.


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