Pyracantha coccinea Red Star


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A breathtaking shrub, Pyracantha 'Red Star' ticks so many boxes around the garden. It's evergreen with shiny, deep green leaves, spring flowers and autumn berries, it brings year-round interest. And best or all, it has very few thorns!
'Red Star' takes well to being trimmed to shape, so it can be trained up against a wall to give a living frame to windows and doors. Alternatively, its vigorous growth makes it ideal planted it as a hedge. Or, it can be left alone to do its thing at the back of the border, with its dark green leaves providing a contrasting backdrop for flowering plants.
Recommended by the RHS as a 'Plant for Pollinators' a profusion on frothy, scented white flowers isproduced through June and July and are a favourite with butterflies and bees. The flowers are followed in autumn by huge numbers of brilliant red berries that cover the plant. These last right through to the following year and are an incredibly valuable food source for winter birds.
Extremely hardy and happy in partial shade as well as soon, it make a great solution in you want to grow something on a North facing wall.
Supplied in 3 x established plants, in 9cm pots, ready to plant.


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