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New Protect Garden Slug & Snail Killer Max protects your plants from slug and garden snail damage. For use on ornamental and edible plants, it has been approved for Organic gardening by Organic Farmers & Growers, and can also be used around seedlings and young plants.Protect Garden Slug & Snail Killer Max also has a showerproof formulation which further protects your plants from rain for up to 14 days.
At the first sign of plant damage, use as directed during late evening or early morning in mild damp conditions when slugs are most active.
For use on bare soil, around seedlings and young plants including salad crops such as lettuce, cauliflower, cabbage, Kale, Brussel sprouts, ornamental, and flowering plants. Can be used to reduce damage to fruiting strawberries. May also reduce damage caused by the garden snail in leafy vegetables
Use 3.8g of product per square metre. Scatter evenly onto moist bare soil around the young plants/fruiting strawberries to be protected. Take care to avoid pellets becoming trapped in leaves. DO NOT place in heaps. If slugs continue to cause damage a repeat treatment may be necessary up to a maximum of 4 per crop. Allow a minimum of 7 days between applications.
The pellets swell, absorbing water from moist soil, becoming more attractive to slugs. After consuming the pellets, slugs cease to feed, moving away to die and leaving no excessive slime and no visible dead slugs.
Slug & Snail killer Max must not be applied near water.
Slug & Snail Killer Max is showerproof for 14 days.  Repeat application may be required after 7 days if excess rain occurs
Use as directed to protect children and pets.
CompositionSlug & Snail Killer Max is a Ready to use bait containing 12.5 g/kg hydrated ferric phosphate (technical) [at least 9.79 g/kg anhydrous ferric phosphate].
Precaution of useProtection during use:WASH HANDS AFTER USE. WHEN USING DO NOT EAT, DRINK OR SMOKE.Environmental Protection: Do not contaminate water with the product or its container. Do not empty into drains.


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