Professional Farmyard Manure


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Get this extra special manure for your garden and grow the best displays ever.
Fork it into your soil or use it as mulch. It will retain moisture, control weeds, but most importantly it will add an abundance of essential nutrients to your soil meaning bigger, better plants! Don't worry about the smell or about getting mucky the manure is very well broken down and is just like a good compost. It's the perfect product for mulching, planting, and soil conditioning. Perfect for use on flowers, fruit & vegetables, as well as roses, trees, and shrubs.
This professional farmyard manure provides a natural source of organic matter for the soil; dig it in directly or use as a mulch where a couple of inches around plants will keep moisture in the soil and supress weeds.
Supplied as a 50L bag of professional farmyard manure, ready to use.
We'll deliver these large bags direct to your door for ultimate convenience free of charge!


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