Primula Victoriana Mix


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'Victoriana' are gorgeous, old fashioned style Primulas that feature a wonderful lacing effect outlining their flower petals. This mixture features flowers with golden yellow centres in deep mahogany with gold lacing, whilst the bright magenta and rich red varieties have silvery lacing.
While they have the same number of petals as any other primula, their unique patterning gives the effect that they have twice as many, and their delightful blooms add a sophisticated contrast when planted with other primulas. The flowers are carried on robust, upright stems and can easily number 10-15 per stem.
Primulas are woodland plants, so they love shady areas and look wonderful growing underneath shrubs and trees, where they really brighten up the garden before the summer flowering plants take over.
Reliable perennials that will naturalise easily, they form tight clumps over several years, and are an absolute delight when they emerge each spring. Occasionally they will flower for a second time in late summer or autumn.
Supplied as 20 garden ready plants, ready to plant in your garden and growing to a height and spread of 20 cm (8 in).


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