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This high quality, commercial grade porous irrigation SoakerHose slowly drips water along its entire length, providing a perfectly uniform and gentle distribution of moisture to the root systems of your plants. Simply connect the end to your existing hose, turn on the tap and then relax whilst your garden is watered!
Best of all, because it applies the water at exactly the right place and at an even rate so that there is no run-off, it means you will use around 70% less water compared to using a regular sprinkler or hand watering, and no soaking wet leaves or flowers!
Quick and incredibly easy to install, simply place it on the ground along your beds and borders where your trees, shrubs and other plants are growing, and it will discretely and precisely water just when it's needed! A covering of bark or mulch will make the results even better, ensuring the water is dispersed more evenly and reducing evaporation.
As well as running the hose along your beds and borders, it can also be shaped to suit any layout you require using the special connectors. You can create many different patterns and shapes – loops around newly planted or precious trees and even create high level sections in your greenhouse or along your runner beans that will trickle water over the growing plants keeping, them hydrated and even assisting pollination.
The SoakerHose is the highest quality and is used and trusted by horticultural professionals. It has extra thick walls that will ensure it lasts for many years and because of its strength it does not kink, meaning you can snake it around your plants to get the water just where it is needed.
Made in the UK from recycled tyre rubber, it is the highest grade SoakerHose available and comes with a 5 year manufacturer's guarantee.


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