Premium Rose Notre Dame de Calais


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Gorgeous semi-double blooms in a creamy lemon shade adorn this stunning compact rose from May right through to October every year while its delicate fragrance is a joy for the senses.
Bred by RHS Chelsea Flower Show gold medallist and rose expert, Peter Beale MBE, this free and repeat flowering rose will fill your garden with blooms for half of the year! Its lush dark green foliage and thorny nature add a real classic feel to this beautiful rose and acts as a fantastic trespasser deterrent…
Notre Dame de Calais is a small bushy climber, that will grow with strength and vigour in most gardens – along the back of borders or even in a large container.
All of our freshly potted roses are field grown and dug up and potted when the weather conditions are right in October or November, just as the plants are entering their winter dormancy, which helps keep the roots hydrated and in good condition.
The roses can be kept in their pots throughout the winter provided they are kept well fed and watered, however ideally, they should planted out as soon as possible. Because plants are dormant throughout the winter, they do not produce any new roots until spring, so don't be alarmed if the compost falls away from the roots when you take them out of their pots.
They will already have been cut back so no further pruning will be required, apart from removing any tips that have died back.


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