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Sempervivums, the iconic houseleek, are making a welcome return to our gardens, as more and more people are becoming enthralled by this stunning succulent plant.. These simple plants are ideal for any level of gardener; easy to grow and a doddle to maintain.
These collectable Chick Charms® each come with their own colourful, individual information tag, making them the horticultural version of a collectable charm bracelet. This year's must-have has got to be the extraordinary 'Gold Nugget' with fiery orange tips to its golden yellow leaves – sure to be in demand, so don't miss your opportunity to get your hands on one!
Sempervivums form rosettes of colourful, fleshy leaves and are low growing, making them a welcome addition to any garden because of their colours and diversity of form. Also known as 'Hen and Chicks' because the freely produced offsets gather around the mother plant in much the same way as chicks around a mother hen. Sempervivums are drought tolerant and will take a roothold in the narrowest of cracks – hence their common name, as they were once used to plug gaps in leaking roofs.
Really easy to grow and a favourite with kids, Sempervivums require a well-drained soil in full sun, tolerating drought when established. Please note that leaf colour is dependant on temperature and light, so may vary in intensity throughout the year.
Supplied as a collection of 6 plants*, 1 each of:
Appletini – Emerald green with chocolate tipsBerry Blues – Silver-Blue that can flush pink/purpleKey Lime Kiss – Bright greenGold Nugget – The most unusual form ever! Flame orange tipped yellow leavesMint Marvel – Green with red tipsPlum Parfait – Plum with a hint of green
*Varieties may vary depending on availability caused by factors outside of our control.


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