Polka Dot Plant Hypoestes Hippo (R) Collection


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If you're looking for magnificent foliage colour that really stands out in the garden, then look no further than the aptly named polka dot plant. A vibrantly coloured annual plant used to add colour and texture to your hanging basket and container displays, this is a must have addition to the garden and worthy of a place in any planting scheme.
With its striking-hued leaves the Polka Dot Plant is easy to grow and fabulous as a filler, brightening anywhere it's planted. Having won many awards internationally it's a guaranteed 'doer' and can be adapted as a houseplant too – so you don't even need a garden to appreciate its dazzling colours.
The HIPPO (R) series features larger leaves than traditional Hypoestes and are much more vigorous, meaning that they will fill out much more quickly for a faster display and its upright habit makes it ideal in containers.
*Design tip* plant with petunias for a super-designer look!
Supplied as a collection of 6 plug plants (2 each pink, red, and white) ready to pot up and grow on. Plants reach 40cm (16in) x 20cm (8in).


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