Photinia Chico


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Photinia 'Chico' is a compact, evergreen shrub, which boasts glossy, bronzed foliage, which provides your garden with a spectacular display in spring and summer. The leaves gradually change through a mix of oranges, reds, and bronzes, eventually maturing to a gorgeous and glossy green.
This slow growing shrub will only reach a height of around 40cm, making it perfect for creating low and informal hedging. Or for filling spaces in your mixed border, which will provide you with year-long interest thanks to its evergreen foliage.
'Chico' is a relatively hardy shrub and will withstand the British weather, however it will thrive when planted in a sheltered areas of the garden to protect it from strong winds.
Supplied as an established plant in a 17cm pot, ready to plant, growing to an eventual height of 40cm.


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