Petunia Surfinia Collection


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Create stunning floral displays all summer long with this collection of 'Surfinia' Petunias.
Guaranteed to impress anyone that see them, these blooms are perfect for planting in hanging baskets, containers, and window boxes, thanks to their trailing habit. Cascading over the edges of their home, they can reach anything between 50cm to 120cm long. Producing gorgeous blooms in beautiful shades of pinks, purples, blues and white from as early as June and lasting all the way through to October.
On top of its flowering ability, it is also vigorous, low maintenance, disease, and weather resistant. It is because of all these positive attributes you see it planted in so many professional displays!
In this collection you will receive –

1 x Petubia Surfinia 'Purple Vein' – Pale violet blooms with dark purple veins and dense green foliage.
1 x Petubia Surfinia 'Hot Pink' – Trailing 'Hot Pink' trumpet shaped flowers with dark pink vein details.
1 x Petubia Surfinia 'Purple' – Large deep purple blooms with dark centres and gorgeous green foliage.
1 x Petubia Surfinia 'Snow' - A stunning display of trailing white flowers and beautiful foliage.
1 x Petubia Surfinia 'Blue' – Cascades of deep blue blooms with dark centres, perfect for hanging baskets.
1 x Petubia Surfinia 'Dark Red' – Dramatic deep red flowers that last from June to October.
All six of these gorgeous trailing Surfinia are perfect for planting alone but will really come to life if you mix the colours together.
Supplied as a selection of 6 established plants in 9cm pots, ready to plant.


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