Petunia Pink Joy


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Petunias are, quite rightly, one of the mainstays of summer planting. With so many varieties in such an incredible range of colours and patterns, there's still room for more. 'Pink Joy' is strikingly unusual, with its abundant, fascinating flowers making it a real statement plant that's impossible to ignore!
'Pink Joy' produces masses of stunning flowers in the deepest magenta-pink splashed with pure white spots, and every single flower is different. Not only does it have unique, show-stopping blooms, but its gently trailing habit and freely growing stems are also perfect for pots and hanging baskets where the blooms will spill over the edges to create a waterfall of colour. Incredibly free-flowering from May right to the end of summer, it'll fill your planters to overflowing for a long lasting, vivid display.
Plant on their own where they'll make fabulous features of bright colour, or mix up with other bedding such as Lobelia or Geraniums where the colour contrast will really stand out. Regular deadheading will produce more and more flowers.
Supplied as 12 x plug plants, ready to grow on before planting out. Growing to a height and spread of 50cm (20in).


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