Petunia Dizzy Heights Double Mix


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A World Exclusive for YouGarden, this fantastic petunia boasts giant double ruffled flowers resembling carnations produced on super vigorous plants in a glorious mix of purple, pink and white on tall, strong stems.
A real showstopper that is easy to grow, producing a pillar of fabulous colour continuously from July until October, making a spectacular feature on any patio when grown up a support.It can also be grown directly in the border where it will smother the weeds if left to trail or it can be trained up a frame to create a tower of colour.
You can cut the long stems for displaying in a vase, where they'll last for up to two weeks.For the best display only occasional maintenance is required, just pinching young plants twice will encourage base branching and a better plant habit which will reward you with more flowers.Due to it being a sterile male sterile it does not produce seed, so it is not necessary to deadhead – so no sticky fingers.
Supplied as 12 plug plants, ready to plant on or plant out when the danger of frost has passed.


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