Patio Lavatera Mallow Barnsley Baby


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The perfect patio shrub in softest powder pink, Lavatera 'Barnsley Baby' has taken the huge flower power of its vigorous cousins, and focussed it all on a much smaller and naturally compact form.
It is very very easy to grow, very tough and robust in rain and shine, and in summer produces lovely candyfloss-pink flower displays that smother the plant, as the strings of buds open from bottom to top of each and every stem.
Perfect in 20-30cm patio pots, simply keep watered and fed monthly, and cut back once a year before new growth starts – a very low maintenance but high reward plant indeed.
Supplied as an establishedplant in a 9cm pot, ready for plantin out. Grows to 1.5m, flowers July to September.


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