Parma Violet Pre-Planted Basket


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Our pre-planted basket is guaranteed to give you fabulous results, we've done all the work for you – just hang it up, water it and let it do its thing.
Quick and easy, this is the perfect solution for gardeners who want perfect displays but don't know where to start, or for those who are behind with their plans.
'Parma Violet' is a cool and calming blend of trailing lobelia, trailing verbena and surfinia petunia, guaranteed to grow happily together. Pre-planted in a single berry purple-coloured basket, you'll be rewarded with gorgeous colour through the summer.
Our ready-made basket is the result of trials to find the perfect partners to grow together and perform consistently. Perfectly matched to give you outstanding results in as little as 6 weeks – plus you'll have the basket to use again next year!
In this collection you will receive:

1 x Pegasus purple vein – beautiful lilac blooms with dark purple centres and veins.
2 x Verbena Samira white – elegant clusters of small white flowers.
2 x Lobelia Laura Red – simply stunning and unique light pink blooms.
Our hanging basket comes straight to you, ready planted with our top quality, UK-grown plants go with no work required!
Plants are supplied ready planted into a single 25cm durable berry purple plastic hanging basket. 


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