Pair of Pseudosasa japonica (Arrow bamboo)


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A tall-growing, evergreen and vigorous bamboo, Pseudosasa japonica produces a dense growth of hollow canes with arrow-shaped, shiny green leaves. Spikes of greeny-brown flowers can appear at any time of year.
Forming attractive and long-lasting clumps, it is ideal for hedges or screening – or even as a windbreak for patio or barbecue areas.
One of the fastest-growing bamboos, it is slowly invasive if left unchecked, so best in large pots, or with plenty of space in lawns. If you are planting near a wall or foundations, remember to use a physical barrier.
It is tolerant of hot summers and cold winters, although leaves can be damaged by extreme cold and wind. Damaged leaves can be removed in spring as the new shoots emerge. Very hardy, it needs little care, but make sure your plants are well-watered in summer and don't let them dry out if you are growing yours in a pot.
Supplied as 2 x 60-70cm tall plants in a 1L pot ready to plant out or re-pot.


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