Pair of Penstemon hartwegii


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Penstemons are a classic cottage garden perennial that has enchanting bell-shaped flowers in a range of bright colours.
We've brought together two fabulous varieties in shades of pink and purple that complement each other perfectly. Both are recommended by the RHS as a 'Plant for Pollinators' the flowers are produced through the spring and summer and are a favourite with butterflies and bees.
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'Ice Cream Blackberry' – 'Ice Cream Blackberry' has elegant flowers in shades of rich purple with attractive white markings on their throats opening from red wine-coloured buds. The luxurious upright spires appear in from June and continue well into the autumn.
'Strawberries and Cream' – Ice Cream Strawberries and Cream' is perfectly named, with sturdy upright spires boasting pink tinged, creamy coloured buds opening to delicious looking flowers in shades of pale pink and white with red and white striped throats. Flowering from June until October, these unusual Penstemons will be a real talking point in your garden!
Superb grown in beds and borders, Penstemons prefer well-drained soil and forms large clumps over time, rewarding you with more flowers year on year. Looking after them is easy too, occasionally deadhead fading blooms to prolong the display and cover plants with a dry mulch of compost in late autumn to protect the roots from frost.
Grow them in a sunny or slightly shaded spot and they'll flower in upright spires for month after month from June until the autumn. Easy to grow and winter hardy, you're guaranteed masses of spectacular flowers that are also great for cutting for indoor arrangements.
Supplied as 2 x established plants in 9cm pots, ready to plant out.


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