Pair of Cordyline australis Red Star


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Be the envy of your gardening friends and grow a gorgeous Cordyline for instant Mediterranean impact.
With arching deep red sword-shaped leaves, the Cordyline 'Red Star' is a splendid plant for the patio, contrasting beautifully with the more familiar greens of other plants and bringing a tropical feel to the garden.
A native of New Zealand, Cordyline 'Red Star' is a compact, evergreen foliage plant, with glorious arching, bronze-red leaves and, on mature plants, branches of sweetly fragranced, ivory-white flowers in summer.
An ideal specimen for growing in pots on patios and balconies, why not experiment and make a real tropical paradise by growing them alongside other tropical plants such as cannas, and broad-leaved Zantedeschias.
Over time, your cordyline will grow and branch into a small, evergreen tree resembling a palm – hence cordyline's other name of cabbage palm – creating a unique look all year-round and for many years, adding colour to your garden when all else begins to fade.
Easy to grow, cordylines need little maintenance and pruning is limited to removing any dead leaves in the spring. Able to withstand a -7C winter, we do however suggest frost protection with fleeces or wrapping or bringing it into a garage or porch during the coldest months.
Plant in a pot and grow outside through the summer before moving to a protected space such as a greenhouse or conservatory for the winter. As plants mature they become more frost hardy so can be left outside in all but the coldest weather and will withstand all but severe frost.
Supplied as a pair of established plants 70cm tall including 13cm pot ready to plant out or pot on.


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