Oriental Poppy Checkers


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An iconic, cottage garden flower, but with origins far away, the classic large flowered oriental poppy with its characteristic black blotch in the centre is followed by statuesque seed heads that add longer season interest.
'Checkers' is a beautiful variety of Oriental Poppy, with their soft white, silk like petals that have a contrasting black cross at the base. Standing tall on top of their sturdy stems, the thick foliage has a bristly texture to it that provides a stunning backdrop to these gorgeous blooms.
A real low maintenance, easy plant to grow, these poppies make a bold statement when planted as a group or as individual specimens. 'Checkers' is a very tough, hardy, and robust perennial, the Oriental Poppy dies back underground each winter, and emerges bigger and better for years to come.
Supplied as 3 x established plants in 9cm pots, ready to pot on or plant out.


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