Organic Gooseberry Lady Sun


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Easy to grow and perfect for eating fresh or in puddings, pies and crumbles, gooseberries are one of those traditional favourite fruits that no garden should be without.
A member of the currant family, gooseberries are often thought of as a prickly nuisance with nasty sour fruits, but that couldn't be further from the truth – 'Lady Sun' produces large, sweet and crisp gooseberries and being nearly thornless is much easier to harvest from.
Perfect for containers and fruit gardens where it will lend itself perfectly to grow Your Own, this is a reliable and high cropping, self-fertile variety, with an upright, bushy habit and good disease resistance.
Ideally suited to the UK climate, they're really easy to look after and are winter hardy, shrugging off freezing temperatures with ease – so are the perfect gooseberry for beginner gardeners or those of us who want good results with no faff.
Organically grown by expert nurserymen, these gooseberries are rich in vitamin C, B vitamins as well as minerals such as potassium and magnesium so are a very healthy addition to your garden!Supplied as an established plant in a 12cm pot, ready for planting out, bushes reach 100cm x 60cm and will produce their crop of berries in July.
Did you know..Gooseberries are rich in fibre and help to stimulate the digestion and reduce cholesterol. They are said to promote healthy hair and nails and help keep teeth and bones healthy. They are also purported to strengthen the vascular walls, in turn protecting against varicose veins.


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