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Grow your own delicious citrus fruit right here in the UK with this easy-grow Orange & Lemon Tree Collection. Deliciously juicy full-size fruits in the first season, and winter hardy to -5C. That's right! This pair of Orange and Lemon trees will grow and fruit perfectly in the UK. Packed full of vitamin C, they're deliciously juicy and good for you too! They smell simply divine and the sweetly-perfumed white flowers contrast beautifully against the deep green citrus-fragranced foliage.
Both of your trees arrive as well-established 1m tall mature specimens in 6.5 litre pots. And, for the pair, they represent superb value for money much cheaper than most garden centre varieties AND you get a FREE 150g tub of Soluble Citrus Fertiliser (a year's supply) to ensure your trees grow into big, healthy specimens and, most importantly, bear lots of juicy fruit!

Lemon 'Eureka'Hardy down to -5C! – Sweetly scented blossom in late spring. – Full-size fruit from August onwards. – Perfect for drinks and cooking.
Orange 'Navelina' – Hardy down to -5C! – Seedless and very juicy. – Enjoy your own freshly squeezed orange juice. – Packed full of vitamin C.

Supplied as 3-4ft tall, fully mature trees with FREE 150g soluble citrus feed (NB, Plants may not be the same height).
I just thought you might like to see some photos of the orange tree I bought from you and oranges it produced this year. I got it around the beginning of last year and the fruit was over a year in the making, but it finally started to ripen in September…I have eaten two of the fruits, picking them when they fell off easily with handling. The other three ripe ones (I have a couple of small green ones on from this year too) aren't quite ready yet, so I will leave them for now. The fruits so far have had a slightly thicker skin than the ones you buy in the shops, but were so much sweeter and tastier. :-)Anyway, please find the photos attached and thanks for your help throughout the year.
Teresa, Goole,
Did you know
The citrus family tree is an old and distinguished line and just like tea and spice helped build entire empires – not many other fruits can offer you that much history!
Before they started their journey to places like Florida, Spain and Brazil, just five species of citrus dominated:

and it from this basic genetic pool that we get all the varieties that we see today.
Unlike many species of plants and animal, citrus are fortunate in that they are sexually compatible and highly prone to mutation, mixing genes and creating new plants with abandon! This provides the ideal opportunity for plant breeders to intervene and by selective breeding create the commercial varieties that we are all familiar with.
Citrus have been around since the Miocene epoch – that's 7 million years – so they're a highly successful species and their constant evolution means that there's always something new appearing. For example, varieties that we take for granted such as the grapefruit are a recent arrival at just 300 years old.
With so much opportunity to create more varieties, the future is definitely looking golden for the citrus and for us too, with many more, juicier, sweeter, and bigger fruits reaching our tables and gardens.


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