Nordmann Fir Cut Christmas Tree


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You really can't beat that evocative, fresh pine fragrance that a real Christmas Tree brings to the home – artificial trees just don't have the same effect! Just imagine being cozied up next to your tree on a cold winter evening, warm and surrounded by the glorious scent of Christmas.
Abies nordmanniana, the Nordmann Pine is the hugely popular non-needle drop variety, and rapidly becoming a traditional favourite. One of the most popular Christmas trees, the Nordmann Pine has soft dark green needles and low needle drop – so they're really easy to handle and move around – you don't have to worry about a face full of prickly needles as you decorate your tree! This in itself is one of the most satisfying moments over the Christmas period, and with the natural lines of a real tree, making that final decision on where to put that last decoration really shows your Christmas prowess – decorate like the boss you know you are!
Full, lush and shapely, there is nothing better than a real Christmas Tree at Christmas time, where it will fill your home with gorgeous colour and pine-scented aroma – and did you know that the scent of pine can have a positive effect on your mood, reducing anxiety and stress? Also, from an environmental angle, real trees are the way to go. According to the Carbon Trust, a real Christmas tree has a significantly lower carbon footprint than an artificial tree, especially if it is disposed of properly, by chipping or burning.
Easy to care for, you can keep your tree in tip-top condition by placing it in a stand with a water reservoir and adding water regularly. Also keep it away from heat sources such as fires and radiators.
So they're eco-friendly, relieve stress and look and smell fabulous , so do you really need another reason to buy a real tree? – oh, yes one more…you're going to have it in your home for around three weeks, so you really don't want to be staring at that dusty, moth-eaten artificial one that has sat in the loft for 50 weeks…
We supply a 8-10 year old cut tree, 1.35-1.65m in height, netted and ready for you to decorate your home. Please note that your tree will need a stand which is not supplied with this item.


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