New Zealant Flax Phormium Collection


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Also known as the New Zealand Flax, these Phormium's are robust, fully hardy evergreens that form dense clumps of sword-like leaves - really great plants for adding a bit of a statement to your garden.
Stunning in borders and stylish in a containers, this collection comes with:

'Evening Glow' - Attractive, bright red, lustrous foliage highlighted with a bronze edge.
'Pink Panther' – Striking, bright pink, red-edged leaves.
'Rainbow Queen' – Bright bronze-green leaves with red edges.

All three mature into a compact form – meaning that it won't overshadow everything in your garden, they can also be grown in pots, so you can spread them out across your patio area.
'Phormiums prefer a hot dry site (although will tolerate partial shade) and make a great candidate for a Mediterranean garden or a gravel garden where their upright leaves make a great foil for many other coloured plants.

Easy to grow, these Phormium need virtually no maintenance!
Supplied as three established plants in a 9cm pots, ready for immediate planting.


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