Nerine Hybridisers Mix


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In an exciting range of new colours created just for us, many are not available to buy anywhere else, including some unique bicolours!
With these rare hybrids being added to our range of Nerines, chances are you'll have something in your garden that no-one else has got.
A distinctive bulb with a characteristic feminine beauty, no other flower is quite like a Nerine. Also known as Guernsey Lilies, this breathtakingly beautiful collection of stunning new Nerines will light up your autumn garden from September onwards in subtle shades of white, pastel pinks and reds.
An invaluable plant for the garden border, potted displays and flower arrangements, Nerines add splashes of colour wherever they appear, and their long stems make them invaluable too as a cut flower, when not a lot is blooming in the garden.
Unusually, some of the colours in this pretty, exotic collection have a subtle silver shimmer which really highlights their delicate petals and you can see instantly that this special range of Nerines has been bred with care and thought to give you something special both yourself and to give as a gift.
Perfect for growing in a drift in flower beds and borders, you could also grow them in big patio pots, say 25-30cm diameter with 5 bulbs in.  They're also completely hardy and will easily withstand UK winters. In the garden, plant them about 5cm (2in) deep, and around 10cm (4in) apart.
Growing to around 60cm (2ft) high x 20cm (8in) wide, these beauties will flower from September to October after their leaves have died back. We supply a collection of 10 mixed colour bulbs* chosen by our experts to give you lasting displays that will naturalise and get bigger and better every year.
Don't forget that while the optimum time to plant is autum/winter, bulbs can still be planted now!
*(Please note that we cannot guarantee the mixture of colours that you will receive)


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