Narcissus Thalia


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One of the prettiest of daffodils, Narcissus 'Thalia' will add pleasing highlights to any garden in spring. Once a favourite of Victorian gardeners, the flowers emerge as a delicate greeny-white, maturing to bright creamy white as they open, contrasting beautifully against dark-green foliage.
Sometimes known as 'Angel's Tears', this classic trumpet daffodil has multi-headed, downward-pointing blooms that will dance delightfully in a spring breeze.
With stems of medium height, 'Thalia' is a versatile variety that will look great in the front of beds, borders and rock gardens, or in pots and containers.  Plant them in groups or drifts through grass or underplant deciduous trees and shrubs, where they will naturalise easily and reward with bigger and better displays each year.
They also make a fabulous cut flower – not least for their wonderfully strong fragrance – so be sure to plant enough to fill your vases several times over.
Supplied as a pack of 15 bulbs for planting in the autumn. Plant them in groups of 6-10 for maximum impact, in full sun or semi-shade, either on their own or with other spring-flowering bulbs of different colours for an eye-catching display.


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