Myosotis Mon Amie Mix


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Also known as the Alpine Forget me Not, myosotis is a spring favourite that will happily self-seed around the garden to make sure that you always have a good display of these cheery flowers.
Reliable and winter hardy, the plants are biennial (flower in their second season) and will form a decent sized clump of bluish-green leaves before they are covered in dainty blooms with a starry middle 'eye'. Compact enough to be grown in a pot, they're also ideal for the front of flower beds, or mixed in with other plants where they will fill gaps and poke through other perennial plants – perfect for edging paths or for planting with spring flowering bulbs such as tulips or daffodils.
Traditionally a blue flower, this collection also includes rarer pink and white variants.
Easy to grow and look after, they're a perfect plant to get kids interested in gardening as they love the pretty flowers which are produced with such abandon!
Supplied as a pack of 20 garden ready plants, ready to plant out. Forget me nots will reach 20cm high and wide (8in approx.) and will flower from March to June.


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