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Think you don't have enough space to grow your own fruit and vegetables? Think again.
Gardening writer Lia Leendertz's new book my tiny veg plot is full of ingenious solutions for slotting vegetables and fruit into teeny-tiny spaces those that have been squeezed in the most unlikely fashion onto flights of steps, balconies, boats and roof terraces, window boxes and windowsills, and even in an old swimming pool and the back of a truck!
Meet the couple who have created an innovative veg-providing oasis in dry Arizona from an old swimming pool, the artist whose salad leaves all come from her beautiful balcony high above the city, and the children who tend a nifty sprouting garden on a windowsill. Practical projects, ideas and inspiration will help you make the most of all of the space you have, and these gardens prove that small is not only beautiful, but can be surprisingly productive as well.
Lia Leendertz is a freelance gardening writer and author, who shares an allotment with several friends near her home in Bristol. A regular contributor to The Guardian and The Telegraph, she is a long-time advocate of organic and community growing. She has an award-winning blog, Midnight Brambling, and is the author of My Cool Allotment.

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