My First Vegetable Garden – Grow Your Own Seed Kit


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Get your kids involved in the gardening with their very own My first Vegetable Garden seed kit. This fantastic seed kit is a wonderful way to inspire them to grow their own and look after their very own vegetable plants!
Using innovative seed discs that are very easy for children to handle, grow five fun and fabulous varieties including cress, radish, lettuce, tomato, and carrot. If all the seeds are sown at the same time, each plant will grow at a different rate, keeping the children interested in the development of each plant. Firstly, the cress in a start after only a few days, then the radish and lettuce and the tomato and carrot after that.
This kit comes complete with seed discs, re-useable coloured pots, compost discs, plant labels and a handy bottle top watering spout.
The seed discs are made up of the herb seeds and biodegradable paper that are very easy to handle. Very easy to use, you don't even need to worry about spacing you seeds correctly, washing them away when you water them or thinning once the seedling start to emerge. Because they are biodegradable, there is no waste when it comes to re-potting all your growing plants.
Not only are the seed discs bio-degradable but the durable plastic pots and sow markers are made from recycled materials meaning they can be used for years to come and the handy bottle top watering spout fits on top of your old plastic water bottles to create mini watering cans that you can also use on your house plants.
Supplied as a complete kit including: 5 x seed discs, 5x re-useable coloured pots, 5x compost discs, 5x plant labels, 1x bottle top watering spout and 1x instruction leaflet.


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