Mallow Malope trifida Kamelua Mix


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Perfectly formed to bring vibrancy to beds, borders, and containers, these delightful plants will grace your garden with a plethora of colourful blooms.
Easy to grow with no special cultivation techniques required, even the most inexperienced of gardeners will have masses of gorgeous translucent blooms in their garden.
An upright, hardy annual plant, these mallows are perfect for cutting, and you'll get an abundance of delightful mallow flowers, each 7.5 – 10cm (3-4in) in diameter, along the length of the sturdy stems.
 Each bloom is magically translucent and will appear to shimmer when illuminated by the sun in a wonderful display and the abundant flowers will continue for many months over the summer – often over 4 months right through to the autumn.
Grow in moderately fertile, moist but well-drained soil, ideally in full sun though partial shade is tolerated. Provide support in exposed positions.
Supplied as 12 x plug plants, ready to grow on before planting out. Flowers June to September. H90cm (36in) W45cm (18in).


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