Magnolia stellata


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Create incredible spring displays in spring each year with this stunning Magnolia stellata.
Breathe in deeply! The large white flowers that burst out of the silky, silvery buds that cover the bare branches of the aptly named Star Magnolia during March and April are deliciously fragrant.
A classic early spring flowering shrub, Magnolia 'stellata' is a slow-growing and compact shrub (3m/10ft in height and 4m/12ft across) that makes the perfect addition to smaller gardens.
Easy to grow and manage, this is a magnolia that will thrive in most soils and is reliably smothered in pure white star-shaped flowers every spring.
Supplied as an established plant in a 3L pot, ready to be planted up into a large pot or into the garden – dormant in winter so no leaves until the spring.


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