Magnolia Red Lucky Standard


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Magnolias are a traditional sign that spring has arrived each and every year, with their beautiful huge buds bursting into colour early in the season. This special variety 'Red Lucky' will really wow with its large flowerheads that house over 40 tepals to create the most spectacular blooms!As well as its dramatic flowers, here 'Red Lucky' has been grafted into a half standard form to create a lollipop-effect with a ball of foliage and flower atop a long clear stem – turning a traditional tree into a contemporary feature for any garden.Easy to grow, it's already been grafted into a standard form, hardy to -15C (although best to avoid windy sites) and with just a little prune to shape will form a nice, low maintenance, medium sized specimen garden tree. Plant up in a large patio container and place by a doorway, gateway or pathway where it will make a superb eye-catching feature, or on a patio where you can really enjoy the beauty.
Supplied as an established plant in a 3L pot, approx. 1.1-1.2M tall, ready to plant.


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