Lilac Syringa Palibin Standard


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A stunning addition to add to your patio, this fantastic new dwarf Lilac is just the thing for small gardens or for sprucing up patios and decking areas in a large pot!
Ideal for adding colour, fragrance and a beautiful twist on other Lilac varieties that can often take over your garden, this 'double flowering', compact lilac will bloom first in May, flush through summer, then reach a second crescendo of colour in September.
Because Palibin is a dwarf variety of the classic lilac, it won't take over your beds and borders and will not grow too tall meaning you can really enjoy the beautiful flowers and fragrance with very little maintenance required. A deadheading of faded flowers will keep the lilac flowering for as long as possible, and there'll be little to no pruning needed thanks to its dwarf and compact nature.
It's slow growing, easy to care for, perfect for pots and very hardy too – why not try growing as a fragrant flowering hedge for something a little bit different?
This grafted plant has been skilfully fashioned into an impressive standard by the grower and will make an instant specimen in your garden.
Supplied as 1 x established plant in a 3L pot approx. 80-100cm tall, ready to plant out.


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