Leca 40 Litre 10-16mm


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Leca is an attractive and versatile medium that can be used for top dressing pot grown plants both indoors and outdoors, as well as a soil alternative. Short for Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate, it is organic, environmentally friendly, washable and reusable.
The 10-16 mm diameter clay balls look great when used to cover the soil in plant pots, and will absorb water, slowly releasing it into the soil beneath for even, consistent watering whilst stopping weeds from growing. They're also ideal for adding to the bottom of pots at planting time to improve drainage.
Not only will leca make your planters and pots look superb with a neat, attractive finish, but it can also be used as a growing medium. Naturally free draining, plants can be grown in nothing more that a pot filled with the clay balls. Your plants won't sit in water and will get all the moisture they need from what's been absorbed by the clay – particularly good for growing orchids!
However, leca contains no nutrients, so you'll need to feed your plants. For an excellent growing environment for plants that love moist but well drained conditions and good air circulation, mix it into the compost, up to two thirds leca to one third compost. Much lighter than soil or compost, your plants will be much easier to move around too, great for houseplants.
Supplied as a 40 litre bag of 10-16 mm diameter clay balls.


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