Lavender Lavandula intermedia Phenomenal


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Phenomenal by name, phenomenal by nature! This outstanding performing lavender has all you could ever need from the much-loved perennial. Suitable for all garden conditions, positions and temperatures, it is drought-tolerant, winter hardy and evergreen for year-long interest.
Not only is lavender 'Phenomenal' a real performer in UK gardens, but it has the most spectacular notably larger lilac-purple flowers than other varieties that stand on strong upright stems that bear the most wonderful sweet scent. This combination of showy flowers and fragrance is an absolute magnet for bees, butterflies and other beneficial garden insects, making it a fabulous choice for pollinating the garden.
A real multi-purpose lavender, it's ideal for hedging, dividing and lining pathways and edges, but is also a great choice for herb gardens, with its heightened fragrance and cut flower gardens where it makes a beautiful addition to cut flower displays and bouquets. 'Phenomenal' can also be planted into patio pots and containers where the perfume can really be appreciated.
Flowering throughout the summer, 'Phenomenal' may even give a second flush of flowers into the autumn if the first are cut back once faded.
So if you want to grow lavender in your garden but aren't sure of which one to grow, 'Phenomenal' really has got it all…
Supplied as an established plant in a 2L pot, ready for planting straight out.


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